• Title:Nurture
  • Artist:Sabrina Claudio
  • Album:Archives & Lullabies
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Nurture - Sabrina Claudio
    Lyrics by:Sabrina Claudio
    Composed by:Sabrina Claudio

    If there're walls I need to break down
    I am willing
    But I'd need your hands in the clouds
    To fully surrender to me
    My Virgo tendencies
    Want to intensely
    Love you internally
    If that's cool then
    Let me nurture you
    Tell me what I need to do
    'Cause I'm sure there so much more to you
    Deeper than what's on your surface
    Trust in me holding you down
    And help to embody your purpose
    Explore you extensively
    I'll be your safe haven if you want it that way
    I would spend the rest of my days
    Loving on you infinitely
    And I will always
    Give as much as you give to me
    And if this intentionally
    Feels this good then