• Title:Magic
  • Artist:K-391;Brother Leo
  • Album:Magic
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Magic - K-391/Brother Leo
    Lyrics by:Ola Svensson/Emil Gustafsson
    Composed by:Martijn van Sonderen/Kenneth Osberg Nilsen/Julianne Bratlie
    3 4 5 days since you left my place
    Loosing my mind I'm dreaming of dreaming of
    I'm in the fast lane
    Million miles away
    I'm going deeper
    No one else knows it but you
    Youuuuuu hit the right spot
    I know that it's bad but I'm lost without you
    The right spot
    I'mma follow you all around the world cuz I
    I've been searching for magic
    And I won't stop
    Before the suns up
    I got lost in the magic

    6 7 8 weeks since you where all over me
    There's no rewind but
    I'm dreaming of dreaming of
    Monday to Sunday
    Going trough the dark days
    Wavey on the highway
    In a dark place
    In a high space
    I've been
    Lost in the magic