• Title:Good Care
  • Artist:HYBS;SLCHLD;asiatic.wav
  • Album:Good Care
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Good Care - HYBS/SLCHLD/asiatic.wav
    Lyrics by:HYBS/slchld
    Composed by:HYBS

    Lookin' up in the car
    All I see is you right now
    Got me paralized
    You got the kind and lookin' your eyes
    Takin' everything no lies
    'Cause if you feel it too
    We can take it high
    You just tell me when
    Baby you and me
    Baby one week it disappear
    I fight no world this just bit to uuuu
    I know oh this take me good care to
    Oh let me take a care with you you
    Find life and the lie it all it
    Taking back at we can make in heaven
    If I sell at clouds hear me
    Take you high on the clouds mountain
    Flaws couldn't no this
    Fly's when I'm break this
    Tell me high in your open
    Star with me talkin'
    Nobody's watchin'
    No found body this
    All I know to got away
    Hopin' low you broke the way to meet ice glows