• Title:Butterfly Net
  • Artist:Caroline Polachek
  • Album:Desire, I Want To Turn Into You
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Butterfly Net - Caroline Polachek
    Composed by:Caroline Polachek

    Earth went silent
    London fell asleep
    She dreamed of Winter
    Where you appeared to me
    Perfect timing as new petals in November
    A tender creature
    A fever
    Disarming fluorescent
    There you were
    With your mirror
    Shining the world all over me
    There I was
    With my butterfly net
    Trying to catch your light
    I collected
    Stupid ashes
    So that after you'd gone
    I could hold onto something
    But you stayed unwavering
    Through every false goodbye
    For now and for never
    Oh if only
    The umbrella of the sky
    Could wrap us up and up
    That's where I'd zoom in close
    Dilated as your eyes
    Until then I'll keep it brief
    Faithful inertia
    Her bullet doesn't slow
    It seeks and finds me
    How far it goes
    Heaven help me
    Take this bag of wings
    And drown it in the thames
    And wake tomorrow
    Hardly forgetting