• Title:UP
  • Artist:INNA
  • Album:UP
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    UP - INNA
    Lyrics by:Minelli
    Composed by:Alex Cotoi/Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu/Marcel Botezman/Minelli/Sebastian Barac

    Once upon a time there was a girl who made a wish
    To find herself a love and finally make a switch
    Then you came around you healed another stitch
    And I'm glad about that I can finally make the switch
    And I know yeah I know
    Many would like to be in my shoes
    With you I got nothin' to lose
    When I'm down you can bring me up
    Up-p-p up-p-p up-p-p up-p-p
    And when I'm hurt you know
    I don't need much
    You can use that magic touch
    I was running all the time
    Babe you came and slowed me down
    It's me myself and you now
    I'm levitating off the ground
    And when you came around
    You healed another stitch
    I was lost but now you found me
    I can finally make the switch