• Title:Rose Colored Lenses
  • Artist:Miley Cyrus
  • Album:Endless Summer Vacation (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Rose Colored Lenses - Miley Cyrus (麦莉·赛勒斯)
    Lyrics by:Miley Cyrus/Thomas Hull/Tyler Johnson
    Composed by:Miley Cyrus/Thomas Hull/Tyler Johnson
    Sunrise got us up early

    So we put on our shade
    Somehow the bed sheets are dirty
    Like sticky sweet lemonade
    Never wanna leave this room
    Daydream déjà vu
    If I had control over you
    We could stay like this forever lost in wonderland
    With our head above the clouds falling stupid like we're kids
    Wearing rose-colored lenses let's just play pretend
    Wearing rose-colored lenses pretend we'll never end
    Naked in conversation
    Drown me in your daylight
    Endless summer vacation
    Make it last 'til we die
    My baby got looks that kill
    Make a mess of a nice hotel
    Let's stay like this forever
    Let's just keep pretending
    Stay like this forever
    Let's stay like this forever ah-ah