• Title:Purple Rain
  • Artist:Prince & The Revolution
  • Album:Purple Rain Soundtrack
  • KaraokeRate:2★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Purple Rain "
    Prince & The Revolution

    I never meant to cause you any sorrow,
    I never meant to cause you any pain,
    I only wanted one time to see you languhing,
    I only wanted to see you languhing in the purple rain!,
    Purple rain,
    Only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain!
    I never wanted to be your
    Weekend lover!,
    I only wanted to be some kind of friend-
    Baby, I could never steal you from another,
    It's such a shame our friendship had to end,
    (Purple rain!),

    (Purple rain!),
    Only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain!-
    -Honey, I know!-I know!-I know times are changing,
    It's time we all reach out for something new,
    That means you too,
    You say you want a leader,
    But you can't seem to make up your mind,
    I think you better close it,
    And let me guide
    You to the purple rain,
    (Purple rain!)-ee-je-e-yeah!,
    (Purple rain!)-
    If you know what I'm singing about up here, c'mon raise your hands!-
    -(Purple rain!),
    (Purple rain!)-ye-eah!,
    I only wanted to see you!,
    Only wanted to see you!,
    In the purple rain.
    (Outro: guitar solo)
    /* By WarMachine66 */