• Title:Ross And Rachel
  • Artist:Jake Miller;David Hodges;Whakaio Taahi
  • Album:Silver Lining II (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Ross And Rachel - Jake Miller/David Hodges/Whakaio Taahi
    Composed by:Jake Miller/David Hodges/Whakaio Taahi
    Started out as friends only friends
    But I knew from that moment
    I knew from that moment
    That I was falling fast falling fast
    But you never noticed
    You never noticed
    I lived right down the hall
    Like a fly on the wall
    Knew you better than you knew yourself
    Couldn't get you alone so I'd sit by the phone
    I put myself through Hell
    Could you even tell
    Thank God I waited
    Thank God that I waited
    'Cause my love never faded
    I just needed patience
    It was always you
    Yeah it was always you
    Oh yeah yeah yeah
    Remember when you slept at my place
    We were kissin' and touchin'
    Kissin' and touchin'
    I thought you mind had changed
    But you woke up and said it was nothin'
    We're nothin'

    Always you yeah haha