• Title:Daylight
  • Artist:David Kushner
  • Album:Daylight
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Daylight - David Kushner
    Lyrics by:Hayden Robert Hubers/David Kushner/Jeremy Fedryk/Josh Bruce Williams
    Composed by:Hayden Robert Hubers/David Kushner

    Telling myself I won't go there
    Oh but I know that I won't care
    Tryna wash away all the blood I've spilt
    This lust is a burden that we both share
    Two sinners can't atone from a lone prayer
    Souls tied intertwined by pride and guilt
    There's darkness in the distance
    From the way that I've been livin'
    But I know I can't resist it
    Oh I love it and I hate it at the same time
    You and I drink the poison from the same vine
    Hidin' all of our sins from the daylight
    From the daylight runnin' from the daylight
    Tellin' myself it's the last time
    Can you spare any mercy that you might find
    If I'm down on my knees again
    Deep down way down Lord I try
    Try to follow your light but it's nighttime
    Please don't leave me in the end
    I'm beggin' for forgiveness
    But I know I might resist it oh