• Title:Fight The Feeling
  • Artist:Rod Wave
  • Album:Fight The Feeling
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Fight The Feeling - Rod Wave
    Composed by:Rodarius Green
    Look oh woah
    Uh okay

    OK wait a minute
    How'd you get so good at hiding your feelings
    Pretending you're fine when really you're bending
    You can't keep patching up your pain taking shots at the bar
    Know exactly how you feel I know what's in your heart
    Young n***a came a long way with so many scars
    Finally found a brighter day from being lost in the dark
    But she don't wanna hear that tonight oh no
    Play something that's feeling right oh no
    She tryna get lit tonight oh no
    Get lost in the city lights oh no
    Her heart still broken but she's in denial
    She need her grandmama to watch her child
    Her make-up covers up her broken smile
    You're livin' on lies hurtin' inside but she's outside
    So get your hair did put your clothes on
    Tell the Dj to play your song
    Tryna fight the feeling
    But she never finished healing
    Now you in the middle of the club
    Trying not to cry to a love song
    In the middle of the club
    Trying not to cry to a love song woah
    To a love song woah
    To a love song
    Now you in the middle of club
    To a love song uh
    To a love song ayy eeh
    Ayy eeh yeah ohh