• Title:HAPPY
  • Artist:NF
  • Album:HOPE
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    HAPPY - NF
    Lyrics by:Tommee Profitt/Nate Feuerstein
    Composed by:Tommee Profitt/Nate Feuerstein

    Dear God please
    Hear me out I know it's been a couple years
    Since I've reached
    Out and said hello I bet you're wondering
    Why I keep
    Obsessing on and stressing all the little things
    When I should be
    Living life and soaking up the memories
    I know I've been selfish I have
    No excuse to give you it's true
    Hanging by a thread's how I live
    I don't know why but I feel more comfortable
    Living in my agony
    Watching my self-esteem go up in flames acting like I don't
    Care what anyone else thinks
    When I know truthfully that that's the furthest thing from how I
    Feel but I'm too proud to open up and ask you
    To pick me up and pull me out this hole I'm trapped in
    The truth is I need help but I just can't imagine
    Who I'd be if I was happy
    Yeah been this way so long
    It feels like something's off when I'm not depressed
    I got some issues that I won't address
    I got some baggage I ain't open yet
    I got some demons I should put to rest
    I got some traumas that I can't forget
    I got some phone calls I've been avoiding
    Some family members I don't really connect with
    Some things I said I wish I would've have not let slip
    Some hurtful words that never should've left my lips
    Some bridges burned I'm not ready to rebuild yet
    Some insecurities I haven't dealt with yes
    I'll be the first to admit that I'm a lonely soul
    And the last to admit I need a hand to hold
    Losing hope heading down a dangerous road
    Strange I know but I feel most at home when I'm
    Don't know what's around the bend
    Don't know what my future is
    But I can't keep on living in
    If I was happy