• Title:Wish You The Best
  • Artist:Lewis Capaldi
  • Album:Wish You The Best
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Wish You The Best - Lewis Capaldi
    Lyrics by:Lewis Capaldi/JP Saxe/Malay
    Composed by:Lewis Capaldi/JP Saxe/Malay
    I miss knowing what you're thinking
    And hearing how your day has been
    Do you think you can tell me everything darling
    But leave out every part about him
    Right now you're probably by the ocean
    While I'm still out here in the rain
    With every day that passes by since we've spoken
    It's like Glasgow gets further from LA
    Maybe it's supposed to be this way

    But oh my love
    I wanna say "I miss the green in your eyes"
    And when I said we could be friends guess I lied
    I wanna say "I wish that you never left"
    Oh but instead "I only wish you the best"
    I wanna say "Without you everything's wrong"
    And you were everything I need all along
    Well I can't help but notice
    You seem happier than ever now
    And I guess that I should tell you "I'm sorry"
    It seems I was the problem somehow
    Maybe I only brought you down
    Oh woah
    Oh my love
    Wish I could say it's something I really mean
    But I want you happy whether not it's with me