• Title:Princess Diana (Explicit)
  • Artist:Ice Spice
  • Album:Princess Diana (Versions) [Explicit]
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  • Languages:en
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    Princess Diana (Explicit) - Ice Spice
    Lyrics by:Ice Spice/Ephrem Lopez
    Composed by:Ice Spice/Ephrem Lopez

    Stop playin' with 'em Riot
    Like grrah keep it a stack
    ******* move Wock' 'cause they know I got bands
    They be chattin' I don't give a d**n
    And I'm still gettin' money I know who I am
    Tryna be low he gon' hit up my 'gram
    If he smart he gon' act like a fan
    Thinkin' you bigger they got ya head gassed
    ******* slow so I give 'em a pass
    And I just fell in love wit' a gangsta
    So he put my name in a tatt'
    But I don't let him come to the crib
    So we get it on where we at
    Nowadays I be duckin' them cameras
    And they hype that I'm up on them banners
    Callin' my phone but they know I don't answer
    In the hood I'm like Princess Diana
    I'm thick 'cause I be eatin' oats
    ******* not takin' **** from me but notes
    Wanna be me so she do my emotes
    And my name in her mouth so I bet she gon' choke
    To her man l'm the girl of his dreams
    Thinkin' 'bout me when he brushin' his teeth
    He keep textin' I leave him on seen
    Hottest ***** out and they know what I mean
    Lookin' at me like who bigger than she
    I'm the one who they wishin' to be
    Takin' my time 'cause I don't wanna bait
    If you makin' your plate then I already ate
    One book a flight and go chill in Tulum
    Turnin' heads when I walk in the room
    I know he want me his ***** is a lame
    And she make in a year what I spend on a chain
    Makin' it rain
    Doin' my thing
    And I'm young still gettin' money
    My pockets is chubby nothin' was the same
    Takin' your boo
    Makin' it move
    Like flexin' on n***as and ******* addictive
    Feenin' for me like they usually do