• Title:Baby Don't Hurt Me
  • Artist:David Guetta;Anne-Marie;Coi Leray
  • Album:Baby Don't Hurt Me
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    Baby Don't Hurt Me - David Guetta/Anne-Marie/Coi Leray
    Lyrics by:Coi Leray/David Guetta/Dee Dee Halligan/Ed Sheeran/Giorgio Tuinfort/Junior Torello/Mikkel Cox/Tobias Frederiksen
    I want you for the dirty and clean
    When you're wakin' in your dreams
    When you bite my tongue and make me scream
    And make me scream
    See I got everything that you need
    Ain't nobody gon' do it like me
    We are burning at a high degree
    At a high degree
    And you make me feel like it burns and it hurts
    Uh baby that's part of the rush this is us
    What is love
    Baby don't hurt me
    Don't hurt me no more

    Yeah yeah
    I walk it I talk it I live it
    When we get behind doors it's our business
    On my body he givin' me kisses
    I'm well when I'm with him I'm poppin' like Adderalls
    Baby drop in my beach and go swimmin'
    That's okay 'cause you know there's no limits
    Like I'm stronger than you and I'm sippin'
    I'm still gonna finish I'm drunk I ain't had enough
    One day you're in and you go
    Tellin' me lies and it's killin' me slowly
    Yeah yeah yeah
    La-ra la-ra-ra-ra ra
    La-ra-ra-ra ra