• Title:Hooked
  • Artist:Sam Short
  • Album:Hooked
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    Hooked - Sam Short
    Lyrics by:Sam Short/Jordan Tariff
    Composed by:Sam Short/Jordan Tariff
    Yesterday I crashed my car
    Because I wondered what it'd feel like

    Pressed my foot down on the pedal
    And I ran right through the stop sign
    Told all my friends I hate them and then I played the victim
    'Cause god forbid the problem's ever me
    ****** my ex just to do it guess therapy's been useless
    What a waste of $250 a week
    "So how does that make you feel"
    I think I'm hooked on feeling low
    Like m******e in my soul
    Kinda like when I go cold
    Cold cold
    I think I'm hooked on feeling down
    I drink until I drown
    Anything to black it out
    Out out
    I think I'm hooked
    I think I think I'm hooked
    I think I'm
    Every morning I wake up just to get right back into my bed
    Tripping over all the bottles from another night I'll forget
    Blow through all of my money on cigarettes and coffee
    'Cause being broke is hot at twenty-three
    Go write another sad song and play it for my poor mom
    Anything so she feels bad for me
    "Samantha this is so depressing"
    I think I'm I think I'm