• Title:eighteen
  • Artist:Henry Moodie
  • Album:eighteen
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    eighteen - Henry Moodie
    Lyrics by:Henry Moodie/Laurent Carroll-Wilthien/Micky Blue
    Composed by:Henry Moodie/Laurent Carroll-Wilthien/Micky Blue
    Just turned eighteen
    And I don't really know what that means
    I still got the same anxiety
    I feel so controlled by society
    And my friends
    They all seem to know what they wanna be
    Got their lives planned five years ahead of me
    And I don't even know 'bout next week
    Sometimes when I think ahead
    It pulls a string around my chest
    Too young to know how to live
    Too old to be a kid
    I just turned eighteen
    And I don't want the world to change me
    It doesn't take a lot to break me
    'Cause I don't recognizeme lately
    Oh one more year of this world turning
    It's just another candle burning
    But my reality is hurting
    I'm off track
    Gotta wish that I could go back
    And live another day in my past
    Calling to my youth

    I feel so controlled by society yeah yeah