• Title:Eat The Acid
  • Artist:Kesha
  • Album:Fine Line / Eat The Acid (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Eat The Acid - Kesha (凯莎)
    Lyrics by:Kesha Sebert/Stuart Crichton/Pebe Sebert
    Composed by:Kesha Sebert/Stuart Crichton/Pebe Sebert
    Produced by:Kesha/Stuart Crichton/Rick Rubin
    You don't want to be changed like it changed me
    Been dodging gods I didn't want
    I'd gotten used to being lost
    I never felt like I belonged
    Turns out my mama wasn't wrong
    You said don't ever eat the acid
    If you don't wanna to be changed like it changed me
    You said all the edges got so jagged now
    Everything you saw then can't be unseen
    Last night I saw it all
    Last night I talked to god
    You don't wanna be changed like it changed me
    I swear to god I closed my eyes
    I heard a voice inside my mind
    The universe said now's your time
    And told me everything's alright
    You said don't ever eat the acid if
    I searched for answers all my life
    Dead in the dark I saw the light
    I am the one that I've been fighting the whole time
    Hate has no place in the divine
    You said that the Universe is magic
    Just open up your eyes the signs are waiting