• Title:Love U Like That
  • Artist:Lauv
  • Album:Love U Like That
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Love U Like That - Lauv
    Lyrics by:Federico Vindver/Ari Leff/Annika Bennett
    Composed by:Federico Vindver/Ari Leff/Annika Bennett
    Produced by:Lauv/Federico Vindver
    Drunk in the rain
    Really old habits really old baggage
    Just walked away
    Into your madness onto your mattress
    Goddamn okay
    You're so attractive how did that happen
    Mm-mm-mm-mm mm-mm
    And you're kissing on my neck
    I'm like "Ah"
    Got your hands up on my chest
    Kiss me 'til there's nothing left
    Oh my God oh my God
    You could really tear me apart but
    I love you like that
    Everything you do just turns me on
    Body on my mind like all night long
    6 o'clock in the morning babe
    Want you more than yesterday
    Used to judge myself now I don't care 'cause hey
    Used to judge myself now I don't care 'cause
    I'm wide awake
    I don't need coffee I know you want me
    That's the champagne
    Sipping it slowly
    Getting to know you
    And me the same
    Mm-mm-mm-mm oh
    Tell me we're something
    Tell me we're nothing
    You're driving me crazy
    Driving in London
    My mind's in the backseat
    My heart's in the front and