• Title:Gravity
  • Artist:Tinashe
  • Album:BB/ANG3L (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Gravity - Tinashe
    Lyrics by:Tinashe Kachingwe/Travis Stewart/Sasu Ripatti
    Produced by:Machinedrum/Vladislav Delay

    First things first I hope you rollin' up
    When we get faded I I can open up
    I've been drownin' in my dreams again
    Fooled me once can't fool me twice
    But it'd be nice
    I can't decide if I should trust my heart or trust my eyes
    It's a fight I know my worth and we're on a ride
    But I'd be satisfied with who you are inside who you are inside
    So stay here tonight
    Keep fallin' into me ah
    And I'll keep fallin' into you ah
    When I feel spaces we could fill ah
    Gravity pulls me down back to you
    Hang it up clothes line
    I don't need a cosign
    I believe in soul ties
    We been here the whole time
    And fightin' with my heart and my head over you is a battle but I'm so tired
    What am I to do when I knew I could take 101 to the westside ooh oh
    The room is gettin' bright
    The things I've been ignorin' are all comin' to the light
    You could slide slide
    Stick side by
    That's my guy
    See it wide eyes wide eyes
    Pullin' me no
    Back to you back to you
    Pullin' me no no
    I think I'm fallin'