• Title:Water
  • Artist:Tyla
  • Album:Water
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    Water - Tyla
    Lyrics by:Tyla Seethal/Ariowa Irosogie/Imani Lewis/Corey Keay
    Composed by:Tyla Seethal/Ariowa Irosogie/Imani Lewis/Corey Keay/Samuel Awuku/Rayan El-Hussein Goufer/Olmo Zucca/Jackson Paul Lomastro/Tricky Stewart
    Arranged by:Sammy Soso
    Produced by:Sammy Soso
    Make me sweat
    Make me hotter
    Make me lose my breath
    Make me water
    I can keep my cool but tonight I'm wildin'
    Imma be
    In a dangerous mood can you match my timing
    Mm mm
    Telling me
    That you really 'bout it why try hide it
    Oh oh oh oh
    Talk is cheap so show me
    That you understand how I like it
    Can you blow my mind
    Set off my whole body
    If I give you my time
    Can you snatch my soul from me
    I don't wanna wait come take it
    Take me where I ain't been before
    Whole body
    You can last all night don't get too excited
    Ooh oh privacy
    You ain't gotta go nowhere you can stay inside it
    Make me water water