• Title:Keep On Smiling
  • Artist:Travis Japan
  • Album:Moving Pieces - EP
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en;ja
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  • Uploador:mashoon
  • TXT Lyric:

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    Hello, new world
    What you waiting for?
    Let's start it up
    And don't stop smiling all day (all day)
    We can share your happiness all the time!
    Oh, yeah
    Keep on smiling, keep on smiling
    Love the way you smile
    You can make my life, make my world
    Hello, new day
    In the early morning light
    窓開けて the sky's so blue
    お気に入りの TV news
    Crowded subway
    I know life is so monotone
    But I really gotta go 希望をほら
    We'll find out
    絶え間なく とめどなく
    季節は walk on by
    Forever young
    そんな未来(あした)も 君となら

    Baby, gimme lots of happy feelings
    Even on the hardest days
    不思議なほど crescendo
    'Cause you make me so alive
    Keep on smiling, keep on smiling, ok?
    僕を包む you're like a miracle
    So good, so good, come ride with me
    So good, so good どこまでも
    So good, so good, keep on
    Let me see, let me see 何度も
    So good, so good いとおしさと
    So good, so good, yeah
    You can make my life, make my world complete
    Hello, new wave
    If you change your way of thinkin'
    Fresh air ほら深呼吸
    感じて a whole new groove
    Free on the weekends
    Let me take you out to the town
    Special time I'm spending with you
    かけがえない one page
    何気ない ささやかな moment, it's fadeless
    Eveyday そこにある煌めきを ただ
    Shall we share it? How many memories
    Can we make in this lifetime?
    Fill me with your light
    上手く笑えない 瞬間さえ necessary
    ありふれた ways 君と繋ごう
    So good, so good, I'll be there for you!
    So good, so good いつまでも
    Let me see, let me see ふたりで
    So good, so good やさしさと
    新たな始まりを taste it! (Taste it)
    Now we can finally play the game (woo)
    君となら can do anything, no fear (no fear)
    飛び跳ねる excite, 最後には cheers!
    that's right!
    胸踊る 日々へと
    どんな今日も 胸に archive
    Every you! Every me! Come on!
    笑顔よ さぁ続け!
    Ok? 僕を包む you're like a miracle