• Title:Get It Sexyy
  • Artist:Sexyy Red
  • Album:Get It Sexyy
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    Get It Sexyy - Sexyy Red
    Composed by:Janae Wherry
    Produced by:Tay Keith/Jake Fridkis
    Tay Keith **** these niggas up
    Baow baow baow baow
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    It's Sexyy
    Slim thick caramel skin
    5'5" this ***** a ten
    Hair done bills paid
    Catch me slidin' in a Benz
    I ain't lookin' for no man
    Ain't recruitin' no new friends
    Louis bag filled with bands
    Go on Sexyy do your dance
    Uh uh
    Get it Sexyy
    Yeah boy you know this a*s super fat
    I ain't lyin' though
    **** me good I'm throwin' that **** back
    I'm his favorite h*e
    He wanna kiss me all over my tats
    Uh uh uh uh I'ma let him though
    I'm so ******* sexy they attack
    All these niggas on go
    Feel myself 'cause I know that I'm that
    Yeah ***** on go
    Ridin' through St. Louis in a Scat
    And I can't go slow
    Bustdown middle pointer and I got it black
    I'm a big fine h*e
    Walkin' through the club lookin' like a snack
    But you knew that though
    Uh uh uh uh
    Whoop whoop whoop whoop
    Big Sexy blood love the h*es
    Bounce that a*s touch them toes
    Booty shorts coochie swoll
    Thong all up my booty hole
    Niggas cheaters they on go
    Trust a nigga that's a no
    He can eat my coochie though
    Awesome Jawsome got me throwed
    Little miss Sexyy walkin' down the street
    Beep beep
    I don't know what to do 'cause the niggas after me
    Yeah yeah
    I'm so ******* sexy yeah my skin is glistening
    Woo woo woo-woo
    Diamonds hittin' hard niggas wanna join my team
    Woo woo bling