• Title:Wind Up Missin' You
  • Artist:Tucker Wetmore
  • Album:Wind Up Missin' You
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    Wind Up Missin' You - Tucker Wetmore
    Lyrics by:Thomas Archer/Chris LaCorte
    Composed by:Thomas Archer/Chris LaCorte
    Produced by:Chris LaCorte
    I know I might look like
    Another ball cap on a barstool
    Underneath a PBR light
    Saying everything under the moon
    To get you into my arms tonight
    You probably heard it all a thousand times
    But it ain't what it looks like
    Girl let me tell you what it looks like
    You look like waves on a sunset
    And you can crash on me all night
    You look like wine in a truck bed
    A little what I'm doing for the rest of my life 'cause
    You look like I'm done looking
    But girl the hard truth is
    If this night don't turn into two
    You look like I'm gonna wind up missin' you
    I got to tell you baby I've been
    The kind of boy your daddy never wanted to go
    And fall in love with
    The kind boys your probably done with
    Their dumb **** yeah
    I bet you've heard the stories and
    Can't I say I'm proud of that but
    I've turned the page on the old me
    And now I ain't lookin back 'cause
    You look like I'm gonna wind up missin'
    Missin' you in the mornin' mornin'
    And probably for the next few years
    When I look back on it
    I'll still see you right here