• Title:H.Y.B. (Explicit)
  • Artist:J. Cole;Bas;Central Cee
  • Album:Might Delete Later (Explicit)
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  • Languages:en
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    H.Y.B. (Explicit) - J. Cole/Bas/Central Cee
    Lyrics by:J. Cole/Bas/Central Cee
    Composed by:J. Cole/Bas/Central Cee
    Produced by:DZL/AzizTheShake/FNZ
    Listen baby

    I've got news
    I've got bad news for you
    And we ball like TNT watch these h*es all pick a side
    ******* flock like TMZ every time we come outside
    Called a Uber SUV how many gon' fit inside
    Hide your ***** hide your wife yeah
    Bagged your ***** in my slide yeah
    Pray the dogs never die yeah
    Forty-two come alive yeah
    Hide your ***** hide your wife
    I'm allergic to cap
    I can't hear these niggas rap without an EpiPen
    You'll never see me in Giuseppe I find 'em tacky look what I'm stepping in
    Some **** I designed but Italians callin' 'em Indy 5000s
    Or maybe five hundred
    I kick the door down if I want it and niggas won't let me in
    My career in a nutshell these bums never did nothin' but fail
    They gon' see I'm the one when the dust settles
    They gon' see I'm the one
    A-B-C-D-E-F-G H-I-J-K uh M-N-O-P
    That's little me in the classroom askin' "What's L"
    I never been known to take those
    Your girl saw me and her face froze
    You better be lucky I'm faithful
    Please test me I ace those
    My money been growin' like eight fold uh
    But you know how I hate goals
    I can't tell if they turning green from the envy
    Or is it the fake gold
    I move through the street one deep I keep forgettin' I'm J Cole
    I feel like a regular nigga I just got a very irregular bankroll
    Word to Puma I've been gettin' Pesos
    My account like the end of a rainbow
    Every time that I spit it's a flame throw
    Me Bas and Cench it's NATO
    Lord forgive me as I'm a sinner
    The way that I live I'm preparing for hell
    I don't know why you're mad you should probably thank me
    'Cause I been airin' your girl
    If I get some top we can take the chase
    'Cause we know the area well
    Thank God I'm not far off a hundred Ms
    I gotta thank Ron Perry as well
    I don't even know why they stepped in the ring
    A few seconds in and they're throwin' the towel in
    When we pull into the town neighbours sayin'
    How the hell they get them houses
    Now I'm in some different locations
    I don't even know how to pronounce them
    Award shows I bring my pouch in
    I ain't even pullin' out my
    I can't get packed by TMZ tryna fit four tings in the G63
    I'ma give one ting to my bro YG
    I'ma handle the rest and jeet all three
    The back so big and we all gassed up
    How the **** did she fit in them Diesel jeans
    I can't compete 'cause they ain't in my league
    Oh please it ain't even a equal beef
    At least hit man in the abdominal bro
    It don't even count if below the knee
    Block life chillin' with a horrible ho
    She gonna get down and blow the team
    Me and the guys was borrowing clothes like
    Bro let me hold that coat this week
    Now it's after hours I've shutdown Harrods
    I bring out the AmEx and go on a spree