• Title:if u think i'm pretty
  • Artist:Artemas
  • Album:if u think i'm pretty
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    if u think i'm pretty - Artemas
    Lyrics by:Artemas Diamandis/Toby Daintree
    Composed by:Artemas Diamandis
    Produced by:Artemas/Toby Daintree
    If you think I'm pretty lay your hands on me
    Know you can't stop thinking 'bout it
    I know that you're ****ty and you're bad for me
    But I can't stop thinking 'bout it
    Won't you give that **** a rest
    Said you needed love but you're only here for sex
    And I'm dyin' to be next
    Killed me ones before
    I just come back more obsessed with you
    Nothing that I need to say
    That hasn't been said
    I don't need an apology
    Just show me instead
    Won't stop thinking 'bout it
    If you think I'm pretty pre- pre
    Hands on ha ha know you
    If you if you pre- pre
    If you think I'm pretty lay your
    If you think I'm pretty lay your hands on hands on