• Title:Hands Up High
  • Artist:Eleganto;Kota
  • Album:Hands Up High
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Big Bass Slap On Your Headphones
    Lay Down Bars On The House Of The Techno
    Whole Crew Lounge On The Back Of The Fresco
    Smash Two Pints On The Stage Then We Jet Home
    When I Step To The Room
    Perth Gets Down To The Sound Of The Tune
    Hands Up High Gonna Rave All Night Till The Next Day Time Gets Noon
    Hands Up High
    Hands Up High Till The Next Day
    Rave All Night, Yeh
    Gun Fingers Up In The Sky If You Feel This
    Ain't No Lie When I Rhyme I’m The Realest
    Touch That Mic And I Spray One Bar
    And The Crowd Go Shout Like Wheel This Wheel This
    Mirror On My Shirt Yeah I Rep That
    Crew’s Down Shots For A Ten Pack
    Till The Next Day