• Title:Nice to Meet You
  • Artist:Imagine Dragons
  • Album:Nice to Meet You
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    Nice to Meet You - Imagine Dragons (梦龙)
    Lyrics by:Ben McKee/Dan Reynolds/Mattias Larsson/Robin Lennart Fredriksson/Wayne Sermon
    Composed by:Ben McKee/Dan Reynolds/Mattias Larsson/Robin Lennart Fredriksson/Wayne Sermon
    Produced by:Mattman & Robin
    I was wandering up your street
    And I was really hoping to meet you
    But your girlfriend gonna delete my number gone
    I was wondering how your weekend's been
    You waking up or you sleeping in
    Your girlfriend's gonna be leaving soon or not
    What could ever go wrong
    Sing your favorite song
    She could come along
    Oh yeah yeah
    Summer's never too long
    Our love's too strong
    Anyway it's nice to meet you
    I was buying you those flowers
    I was listening for hours
    I was shutting up those doubters yeah yeah
    She was jealous of our relationship
    She hated that we were making it
    She's smiling but she's faking it yeah yeah
    Praying that we make it through the weekend
    Wind is in the sail but we are sinking
    Hammering a nail and now we're leaking eh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah yeah
    Painting on the wall is something freaky
    She been throwing punches like a T.K.O.
    Knocking on the door and being sneaky getaway oh yeah
    Nice to meet you
    It's nice to meet
    I hope to see you
    She could be a Mona Lisa
    Should've seen her
    I hope we meet again
    Hey it's nice to meet
    True believer
    It's nice to meet you
    To meet again
    And I hope to see you