• Title:a place nearby
  • Artist:Lene Marlin
  • Album:Playing My Game
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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  • Remark:(中英对照版)
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    A place nearby-Lene Marlin 天渊若比邻(琳恩·玛莲)

    I entered the room.我走进房间。
    Sat by Ur bed all through the night.整夜坐在你床边。
    I watched Ur daily fight.我看着你每天与病魔搏斗。
    I hardly knew.我仅仅知道。
    The pain was almost more than I could bear.那样的痛苦我所难以承受的。
    And still I hear.我仍然能听见。
    Ur last words 2 me.你给我的临终遗言。
    Heaven is a place nearby.天堂是一个很近的地方。
    So I won't be so far away.所以我将离你不远。
    And if U try & look 4 me.如果你尝试着寻找我。
    Maybe U'll find me someday.也许某天你将会找到我。
    So there's no need 2 say goodbye.所以没有必要说再见。
    I wanna ask U not 2 cry.我想要告诫你不要哭泣。
    I'll always be by Ur side ! 我将一直在你身边!
    U just faded away.你还是逐渐衰弱下去。
    U spread Ur wings U had flown.你已经展翅飞离。
    Away 2 something unknown.离开我去到那未知的地方。
    Wish I could bring U back.我希望能把你带回来。
    U are always on my mind.我一直惦念着你。
    About 2 tear myself apart.为我与你的分离去而哭泣。
    U have Ur special place in my heart.你在我心中有特别的意义。
    Always heaven is a place nearby.天堂一直很近!
    And even when I go 2 sleep.即使我睡着了。
    I still can hear Ur voice.我仍然能听到你的声音。
    And those words.你的那些话语。
    I never will forget.我从未忘记。