AutoLyric Current Version 6.0.2

  • Seperate the version of core component from other components.
  • Fixed:the feature of display language selection for multi-languages lyric do not take effect.
    AutoLyric 6.0.1 :
  • Fixed:"Undo" feature acts abnormal of Lyric-Edit within 6.0.0 version
    AutoLyric 6.0.0 :
  • Improving program structure, put all components in one directory when portable installation, share installation is no longer setting the PATH system variable
  • New: you can choose which language to display of multilingual lyrics. (Open via the right-click menu or the toolbar "L" icon)
  • New: language recognition feature for upload lyrics, eliminating the need to manually note the multilingual lyrics (this feature only supports Windows7 upper)
  • Added support for Internet radio lyrics display (requires the radio station support updating song title when changing songs)
  • Optimize the sorting of online lyrics search
  • New feedback features lyrics or content errors, and accurate verbatim the words the user rating feature (Open via the "★" icon on toolbar)
  • Improve the performance of Paste on lyric-edit window
  • New: custom content display when there are no lyrics
  • Ban possible JavaScript error message on online lyrics search window
  • Bug fixed: cannot embed lyric window with share installation on 64-bit system
  • Bug fixed: "reload lyric" loaded the modified lyric actually
  • Perfect support for AIMP player, AIMP upgrade no longer damages AutoLyric program
  • Enhanced compatibility with AIMP, fixed occasionally exception when start AIMP Player


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System requirements:Windows XP ; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 10.


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Indonesian (6.0.0-6.0.2) by HiM