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  • Title:I Feel It Coming
  • Artist:The Weeknd;Daft Punk
  • Album:Starboy
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    Tell me what you really like
    Baby I can take my time
    We don't ever have to fight
    Just take it step-by-step
    I can see it in your eyes
    Cause they never tell me lies
    I can feel that body shake
    And the heat between your legs
    You've been scared of love
    And what it did to you
    You don't have to run
    I know what you've been through
    Just a simple touch
    And it can set you free
    We don't have to rush
    When you're alone with me
    I feel it coming
    I feel it coming babe
    You are not the single type
    So baby this the perfect time
    I'm just trying to get you high
    And faded off this touch
    You don't need a lonely night
    So baby I can make it right
    You just got to let me try
    To give you what you want