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  • Title:Another Day Of Sun
  • Artist:La La Land Cast
  • Album:La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    作曲 : Justin Hurwitz
    作词 : Justin Hurwitz
    I think about that day
    I left him at a Greyhound station
    West of Sante Fe
    We were seventeen, but he was sweet and it was true
    Still I did what I had to do
    'Cuz I just knew
    Summer Sunday nights
    We'd sink into our seats
    Right as they dimmed out all the lights
    The Technicolor world made out of music and machine
    It called me to be on that screen
    And live inside its sheen
    Without a nickel to my name
    Hopped a bus, here I came
    Could be brave or just insane
    We'll have to see
    'Cuz maybe in that sleepy town
    He'll sit one day, the lights are down
    He'll see my face and think of how he used to know me

    Behind these hills I'm reaching for the heights
    And chasing all the lights that shine
    And when they let you down
    You'll get up off the ground
    As morning rolls around
    And it's another day of sun
    I hear them everyday
    The rhythms in the canyons that will never fade away
    The ballads in the ballrooms left by those who came before
    They say we got to want it more
    So I bang on every door
    And even when the answer's no
    Or when my money's running low
    The disc and mic and neon glow are all I need
    And some day as I sing the song
    A small-town kid will come along
    That'll be the thing to push him on and he'll go
    When they let you down
    The morning rolls around
    It's another day of sun
    Just another day of sun
    The day has just begun