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  • Title:Chained to the Rhythm
  • Artist:Katy Perry;Skip Marley
  • Album:Chained to the Rhythm
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    Are we crazy?
    Living our lives through a lens
    Trapped in our white-picket fence, like ornaments
    So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble
    So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble
    Aren't you lonely
    Up there in utopia
    Where nothing will ever be enough?
    Happily numb
    Aha, look so good
    So put your rose-colored glasses on and party on
    Turn it up, it's your favorite song
    Dance, dance, dance to the distortion
    Come on, turn it up, keep it on repeat
    Stumbling around like a wasted zombie
    Yeah, we think we're free
    Drink, this one is on me
    We're all chained to the rhythm, to the rhythm, to the rhythm
    Are we tone deaf?
    Keep sweeping it under the mat
    Thought we can do better than that
    I hope we can
    Aha, look so good (so good)
    It is my desire
    Break down the walls to connect, inspire
    Ay, up in your high place, liars
    Time is ticking for the empire
    The truth they feed is feeble
    As so many times before
    They greed over the people
    They stumbling and fumbling and we're about to riot
    They woke up, they woke up the lions
    Turn it up
    It goes on, and on, and on
    'Cause we're all chained to the rhythm