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  • Title:Retro Romance
  • Artist:Alexx Mack
  • Album:Like We’re Famous
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    Tell me something good to get me by
    Driving too fast with no headlights
    Get me in the mood. Yeah get me high
    Meet me in the back when the time’s right
    You got me spinnin’ just like a record
    Round and round, we’ll never slow down
    Just like a virgin, be your Madonna
    Baby, you can take me right now
    You know we got that retro romance
    Feeling so good it’s like an old school slow dance
    The way we move, got me why, why
    Why I am screaming like baby, like baby
    Going so fast. You better hold on both hands
    The way you love got me why, why
    Ain’t nobody can tame me. Oh, baby
    Whisper in my ear soft and light
    When we’re drinking in the park like we did last night
    I’ll wear that summer dress, the one you like
    We’ll take on the world one sip at a time

    We be livin off next to nothing
    Baby, we still got that spark
    We be runnin on all our lovin
    Illuminate us in the dark
    Tell me I still got that something
    Lay me down just right
    So deep when our bodies touch