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  • Title:Last Laugh
  • Artist:Abi F Jones
  • Album:From The Dark
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    作曲 : Abi F Jones/Will Hatton
    作词 : Abi F Jones/Will Hatton
    Look at me when I’m way up here
    Look at you down there dreaming
    Every time that you put me down
    I grew taller, look who’s laughing now
    I’m living my sweet dream
    Whilst you’re still down there cursing me
    If you just learn to breathe
    Live your own instead of hating me
    Feel my touch running down your spine
    Hear my voice in the dead of night
    The more you fight, the more I’ll stay
    In your shadows I won’t go away
    Fell my wrath capturing your breath
    See what I’ve done and conquered,and the rest
    Could cut you out and could break your smile
    But that would only please me for a while
    Make your heart skip a one, two, three
    Lose your breath and you’ll be breathing me
    Cut you open like a voodoo doll
    See I’m the boss there’s nowhere for you to go
    Spines tingling you’re wondering why
    Heart feels weak now you’re starting to cry
    You hurt my soul and I’m not over it
    I’m getting high off it
    No body bring me down!