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  • Title:Hold Me
  • Artist:R3hab
  • Album:Hold Me
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    I don't know who you are
    You say you know you like I know myself
    For top reception
    Maybe I could love you like nobody else
    Let's see how far
    We can take this without breakin' hearts
    See what we made of
    So what are we afraid of?
    We pretend we're not falling
    You can keep your hands off me
    You caught me without warning
    You hold me, you hold me
    Close enough to see right through me
    Like can't take my eyes off you

    You hold me
    Wanna be where you are
    I'm drownin' in my thoughts I'm losing sleep
    It's just reception
    But I wish that you would lying next to me
    Now wait for your call
    Model room the face we learn to crawl
    You can't keep your hands off me