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  • Title:Hypnotised (EP Mix)
  • Artist:Coldplay
  • Album:Kaleidoscope
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    Been rusting in the rubble
    Running to a faint
    Need a brand new coat of paint
    Found myself in trouble
    Thinking about what ain't
    Never gonna be a saint
    Saying float like an eagle
    Fall like the rain
    Pouring in to put out the pain
    Oh again and again
    Now I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes
    Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I slip and I'm mesmerized
    It's easy to be lethal
    I'm learning from the news
    It's a guidebook for the blues
    Saying it's the very same steeple
    People want to chose
    They just see it from different views
    And threading the needle
    Fixing my flame
    Oh now I'm moved to exclaim
    Oh again, and again
    Yeah I lift and I'm mesmerized
    Yeah I lift to a permanent high
    It was dark
    Now it's sunrise