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  • Title:Tomorrow Never Came
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey;Sean Lennon
  • Album:Lust for Life
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    Hey, what you doing?
    Not a lot
    Shaking and moving
    At my local spot
    Baby, don't asky me why
    Dont ask me why
    (why, why, why, why, why, why?)
    Lay Lady Lay
    On that side of a paradise
    In the Tropic of Cancer
    'Cause if I had my way
    You'd would always stay
    And I'll be your tiny dancer, honey
    I waited for you
    In the spot you said to wait
    In the city, on a park bench
    In the middle of the pouring rain
    'Cause I adored you
    I just wanted things to be the same
    You said to meet me there tomorrow
    But tomorrow never came
    Tomorrow never came
    Hey, what you thinking?
    Penny for your thoughts
    Those lights are blinking
    On that old jukebox
    But don't ask me why
    Just swallow some wine
    Stay, baby stay
    On the side of a paradise
    And you'll be your tiny dancer, baby
    You said you'd meet me out there tomorrow

    Roses are in your country house
    We play guitar in your barn
    And everyday felt like some day and I
    I wish we had stayed home
    And I could put on the radio
    To our favourite song
    Lennon and Yoko
    We will play all day long
    "Isn't life crazy?", I said
    Now that I'm singing with Sean
    Wow, oh, oh
    I could keep waiting for you
    In the spot we always wait
    In the city, on the park bench
    In the summer, on the pouring rain
    Honey don't ignore me
    I just wanted to be the same
    You said you loved me like no tomorrow
    I guess tomorrow never came
    No, no, no
    No, no