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  • Title:Sorry for Now
  • Artist:Linkin Park
  • Album:One More Light
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    Watching the wings cut through the clouds
    Watching the raindrops blinking red and white
    Thinking of you back on the ground
    That willful fire burning in your eyes
    I only halfway apologise
    And I'll be sorry for now
    That I couldn't be around
    Sometimes things refuse,To go the way we planned
    Oh, I'll be sorry for now
    There will be a day,That you will understand
    You will understand

    After a while you may forget
    But just incase the memories cross your mind
    You couldn't know this when I left
    Under the fire of your angry eyes
    I never wanted to say goodbye
    So I'll be sorry for now
    Stop telling 'em to pump the bass up
    Tried to call home but nobody could wake up
    Switch your time zones can't pick the bass up
    I just passed out by the time you wake up
    Best things come to those who wait
    And it's time to get pumped on any road you take
    Don't ever have a problem make no mistake
    I can't wait to come back when I'm going away
    There are things we have to do,That we can't stand