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  • Title:Biding My Time
  • Artist:Busby Marou
  • Album:Busby Marou
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    I could tell you stories
    Could you teach me some more?
    I'll tell you bout' the countries
    You've never been before
    I'll go on forever
    Forever in a day
    Until you lose the interest
    Right then I walk away
    So I won't let that happen
    Not while we're living free
    I can be the poet
    You can be the story
    You can keep me grounded
    Keep me on my toes
    I'll always be chasing you
    Wherever you may go
    And if you slip ahead
    And break away from us
    Don't run out of sight
    I just might not catch up
    But I won't let that happen
    Not while we're having fun
    You can be the runner
    I can be the gun
    I'll be waiting for you here
    When you come calling
    I'll be waiting
    Biding my time, biding my time
    Waiting for you here
    Biding my time here
    We can sit in silence
    I know that's what you love
    I learn to appreciate
    The beauty from the love
    And I can share my secrets
    I've only sung before
    You can choose to stand by me
    Or simply to ignore
    While we both belong
    I can be the singer
    And you can be the song