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  • Title:Nepenthe
  • Artist:Masetti
  • Album:Nepenthe
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    There are some things I controll all the things I never know
    I'm reaching for a star that I know I never hold
    I sacrifice my happiness to make it to my goal
    I'm still waiting patiently and lonely in the cold
    I feel my soul has been frozen
    And I used to be so cold
    And now what I sing here a song isn't try to calm your emotion
    But I don't know
    Should I continue down this road
    It seems that a sort of waiting
    Now that I see what I face were so many things
    Se we change to burn out the stone out of pieces to let it go
    So we stare in my soul
    Run away,run away but you never get far
    When you form a change wish you own a shooting star for nepenthe
    Run,run away,run away,run away
    You look for love like a child
    But it's never be enough
    So to maybe I was go chasing no rust but I don't give you nepenthe
    Most don't live it up what they tend to
    Most don't care the things they used to say
    I've been up and down at this turning
    That too many men that made in this way
    Oh I care about this so sentry
    Most get addressed did hear on my past
    I'm get up to make sure that you left
    to find that by the future but not past
    This is not the place that you have to be
    I'm afriad to open that they left me,open my there's tragedy
    No one will laugh at you if you leave you ask to be
    I'm sticking with a dimming room,loosen my shoulder roll
    Feel like as a fucker as more I gave all
    Believe me I'll find a new way
    to devote to depression and sanction and freshen and soul and down
    I'm closer to my dreams for then now what they appear
    My only aim in me is there in my bag in the mere
    The love I though that was filled in me is something now I fear
    Scare why don't happen when it leads me in the clear
    Run,run away
    Is all enough to be my side
    No wonder you won't need my hand
    So to me,I was go chasing no rust but I don't give you nepenthe