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  • Title:Think About It
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Bella Donna
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    Step into the velvet of the morning
    Let yourself lay back within your dreams
    Take on the situation but not the torment
    Now you know it's not as bad as it seems
    Well I know you'd like to come away
    But baby you can't come
    Your fortune is your life's love
    Oh and anytime you think about leaving
    Think about what you know
    Well think about it
    Think about it before you go
    And the heart says danger
    And the heart says whatever
    It is that you want from me
    I am just one small part
    Of forever
    Even when you feel like your life is fading
    I know that you'll go on forever you're that good
    Heartbreak of the moment is not endless
    Now your fortune is your life's love
    Well honey
    I know you'd like to come away
    Woo and...
    Anytime you think about leaving