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  • Title:The Highwayman
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Bella Donna
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    Alas he was the highwayman
    The one that comes and goes
    And only the highway-woman
    Keeps up with the likes of those
    And she in all her magic
    With hands as quick as light
    Took him to be a challenge
    And went into the night
    And he in all his glory
    Was far ahead of her
    But she was never sorry
    For wishes that would burn
    Enter competition
    She chases beneath the moon
    Her horse is like a dragonfly
    She is just a fool
    And she wonders is this real
    Or does she just want to be Queen
    And he fights the way he feels
    Is this the end of the dream
    And then he sees her coming
    Heartbeats on the wind
    Considers slowing down
    But then he could never win
    And she out in the distance
    Sees him against the sky
    A pale and violent rider
    A dream begun in wine
    A dream as the thunder wakes her
    And her highwayman disappears
    On a life already lived before
    In eyes welled with tears
    Today and still today they ride
    Will they ever win
    He the glory
    She the love
    Still they try again
    And still they try again