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  • Title:The Nightmare
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Rock A Little
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    Thrown down through the arms of sleep
    She fell through the ivory morning
    Deep into the waters
    Of the one she called love
    She paled in the wake
    Of what some call a dream
    But you cannot know a dream
    Till you've known the nightmare
    When I stood with you against the storm
    And I tried once again
    Well I said
    "I'd like to leave you
    With something warm"
    How many times
    Drowning in the sea
    That was when the dream took her prisoner
    And she knew the dream was over
    But the nightmare was not over
    Still some call that a dream
    Well you cannot know a dream
    When you turn away
    You don't know
    You'll never care
    The night is not your friend
    And you have not had her
    And when the nightmare ends
    But you never understand
    When you're gone
    She wakes up calling out
    Oh calling out
    As children may cry as she will
    Anytime oh anywhere
    Blinded by the light of the day
    She has known the nightmare
    So about the moon and her sisters
    How dare he take them prisoner
    Well if she had flung out her heart against him
    Then in all of her wisdom
    Oh well that was a mystery
    Somewhere in her ancient ways
    She walks through the night
    And then she tries to get through the day
    Some will never know
    Or share any kind of dream
    The nightmare
    This is not the world
    She wants him to fight
    She wants him to stand up
    She wants him to win
    Deep into the waters of the one she called love
    She was blinded by the light of the day