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  • Title:Sister Honey
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Rock A Little
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    Alright baby
    Well I think you will like Sister Honey
    She will help you
    Make up your mind
    Even if you don't need her
    Tell her you need her
    She needs you brother
    Strange fascination
    Some kind of temptation
    To know Sister
    Never having allowed yourself
    Do you understand the word pleasure
    Well you say it's just never crossed your mind
    And she believes you
    Can we still be friends
    The answer's always yes
    Even best intentions turn around one day
    Nobody's right baby
    All the time
    And a fool never knows
    What he's leaving behind
    So take some time to know the real story
    Cause a soul that's true is your ride to glory
    Don't let that golden hair get in your way baby
    Come back solemn stranger
    It's your last chance
    She's almost gone now
    And she'll go fast like a jet plane
    And then fast like a star stream
    She'll hit you with a fury
    Whispering the words one more time baby
    One more time
    And she says don't let that golden hair
    Get in your way
    Don't let that golden hair
    Just one more time