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  • Title:If I Were You
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Rock A Little
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    Baby how much closer can we be
    I swear you've become a part of me
    You are with me everywhere I go
    If you feel it I already know
    Everything I say to you is true
    I don't want to tell you what to do
    But if I were you
    I would take the love
    I'm giving to you
    Oh if I were you
    If I were you
    I would trust in me like I trusted in you
    I know what you're dreaming
    When you sleep
    You have secrets I will always keep
    And in every morning when we arise
    I see my reflection in your eyes
    Every boy must learn to be a man
    Maybe I can help you yes I can
    Well I believe that love is a living thing
    Born into our destinies
    From a single moment of inspiration
    And as it grows it changes your life forever
    Our love is what you feel
    our love is what you want
    Why don't you tell me
    That you feel love like I do and I do
    And you know everytime I look into your eyes
    I just can't escape can't escape