• Title:Jane
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:Street Angel
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    Such a little girl
    Such a hard life
    She could look a challenge
    Right between the eyes
    Would become her middle name
    Up against the wall, Jane
    So her nights became nightmares
    As she fought for their souls
    And the days became worse
    For the ones she had lost
    Children of the world
    The forgotten chimpanzee
    In the eyes of the world
    You have done so much for me
    There are angels
    Here on earth
    Send from god
    Come away from the wall
    Stay with us
    Well you can, Jane
    So she watched
    As they put them all into cages
    Well they might
    As well have caged her very own baby
    They might
    As well have put us both into prison
    Through a window
    All our sorrows
    Would become our only visions
    Nothing more
    There are angels here
    There are angels here on earth
    You will never feel
    That you have ever done enough
    But you have, Jane
    Straight between the eyes
    Nothing more then the shadow of a man
    Come away from the wall, Jane
    Well they might as well have put us both into prison
    Come away
    If you can, Jane
    Will become our only visions
    Come away, Jane
    Come away if you can
    You have done so much