• Title:Alice
  • Artist:Stevie Nicks
  • Album:The Other Side of the Mirror
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    作曲 : Stevie Nicks/R.Hine.
    作词 : Stevie Nicks/R.Hine.
    Well I heard she flew down to the mountain city
    He said that's not what I heard
    I hear she went higher
    She depended on her friends
    To tell her when to stop it
    To make a statement
    This is me talking to you
    Like Alice through the looking glass
    She used to know who she was
    Call out my name
    But I get no answer she prays
    Better run for your life cried the Mad Hatter
    Alright said Alice I'm going back
    To the other side of the mirror
    I'm going back
    Oh no
    You cannot tell a gypsy
    Ooh, that she's no longer a member
    Become a deadly weapon
    Now along with everything else
    Oh call my name
    But I get no answer
    And she prays for the world that she comes from
    Each had their own charm
    Buried beneath a solid piece of armour
    Or a steel plated vest
    Some carry a stiletto in their garter along with everything else
    That they carry
    Oh, call my name
    Call my name
    Ooh run for your life said the Mad Hatter
    Well this is me talking to ya