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  • Title:Tell Me You Love Me
  • Artist:Demi Lovato
  • Album:Tell Me You Love Me
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    作曲 : John Hill/Ajay Bhattacharya/Kirby Lauryen
    作词 : John Hill/Ajay Bhattacharya/Kirby Lauryen
    Oh no, here we go again
    Fighting over what I said
    I'm sorry, yeah I’m sorry
    Bad at love, no, I'm not good at this
    But I can't say I’m innocent
    Not hardly, but I'm sorry
    And all my friends, they know and it's true
    I don't know who I am without you
    I got it bad, baby
    Got it bad
    Oh, tell me you love me
    I need someone on days like this, I do
    On days like this
    I need someone
    On days like this, I do
    Oh, can you hear my heart say
    Ooohhhh, ooh
    No, you ain't nobody 'til you got somebody
    You ain't nobody 'til you got somebody
    And I hope I never see the day
    That you move on and be happy without me
    Without me
    What’s my hand without your heart to hold?
    I don’t know what I'm living for
    If I’m living without you
    All my friends, they know and it's true
    I've got it bad, baby
    I got it bad
    You ain’t nobody 'til you got somebody
    My heart's like
    Ooooh, ooh
    Everything I need
    Is standing in front of me
    I know that we will be alright, alright, yeah
    Through the ups and downs
    Baby, I'ma stick around
    I promise we will be alright, alright