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  • Title:Blackened
  • Artist:Metallica
  • Album:And Justice For All
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    " Blackened "

    Blackened is the end,
    Winter it will send,
    Throwing all you see,
    Into obscurity,
    Death of Mother Earth,
    Never a rebirth,
    Evolution's end,
    Never will it mend,
    To begin whipping dance of the dead,
    Color our world blackened.
    Blistering of Earth,
    Terminate its worth,
    Deadly nicotine,
    Kills what might have been,
    Callous frigid chill,
    Nothing left to kill,
    Never seen before,
    Breathing nevermore,
    Color our world blackened,
    Opposition!, (opposition),
    Contradiction!, (contradiction),
    Premonition!, (premonition),
    Agitation!, (agitation!),
    Violation!, (violation!),
    Mutilation!, (mutilation!),
    Planet dies.
    Darkest color,
    Blistered Earth,
    True death of life.
    (Termination!), termination!,
    Termination!, (expiration!),
    Expiration!, (cancelletion!),
    Cancellation human race.
    (Expectation!), expectation!,
    (Liberation!), liberation!,
    Population lay to waste.
    See our mother
    Put to death,
    See our mother die.
    (Guitar Solo)
    Smoldering decay,
    Take her breath away,
    Millions of our years,
    In minutes disappears,
    Darkening in vain,
    Decadence remains,
    All is said and done,
    Never is the sun,
    Is the outcome of hypocrisy,
    Darkest potency,
    In the exit of humanity,
    /* By WarMachine66 */