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  • Title:Glow Like Dat
  • Artist:Rich Chigga
  • Album:Glow Like Dat
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    I done seen you glow like that I must say that I'm proud
    Thinkin bout the times when you would go into my house, hey
    Had to let you go like that I'd say it fucked me up
    You live in my head without a doubt
    Always anxious, got your picture on my necklace
    Say I'm smart but never seen a day of campus
    Gave me nani don't be sorry we just reckless
    Think about you every time I see your drawers
    I be on my Mac Demarco shit, break my heart then smoke a cig, even put some cloves in it
    Don't test me because my skin ain't thick, hit your walls I need my fix, pull up on you I need
    Way more witchu had too much of these hoes
    Never told you bout the summer that I spent with my bros
    Doin' things like your legs just gon stay open now they closed
    Thought I'd fix the road but now you out here flying on your own, nah
    I was just thinkin' bout you and it made me think of colors of the space
    70 miles up in my coupe and not a thought bout stepping on my brakes
    All these parties I attend but never know the celebration
    I let you do what you want no need for explanation
    You go thru my mind all day all night it feels like immigration
    One of these days I'll fuck around and book a flight up to Manhattan
    Don't wanna see you go but I'd do the same as you
    Don't see why you would go back to seeing me when you
    Didn't wanna hurt my feelings but I couldn't get a clue
    Didn't wanna seem perceiving bout the things that you pursue